“My enthusiasm soars as I investigate working with different materials and processes that can help me express my inner visions with strength and passion.”

     Notable collectors

Mayo Medical Center, Austin, MN

Veterans Memorial Park, Culver City, CA

Kaizuka City Hall, Japan

     Atist's Statement

I believe there are two kinds of artists, an artist who works from the head and an artist who works from the heart. The spontaneity of my work must come from my heart. Once the heart gives birth to the idea then the head takes over and tells the heart how to do it. Sculpting is a slow process, a patient process, it's time consuming, and when I come to the end of a particular phase of work and move into another, I begin to feel more comfortable, more facile, it's just a natural evolution. My eyes are more discerning, my working time becomes more precious. As I place more value on my time, my work appears to take on a more monumental attitude.

I know I create artwork because it gives me tremendous pleasure, comfort, lots of hard work and a dedication to a role I have in life. Life has given me a gift; from whence it comes I do not know but I feel very honored to have this particular gift, the gift of creativity and the expression of it. The energy that I have as a person is invested in my work: my vitality and my life energy then become my work. I think that the finished artwork ultimately has to have a vitality of it's own.

How do I know when I’m finished with a work of art? When the creative spirit is quiet and I don’t know what else to do…then it’s finished.

My work is always exploratory, always questioning, always seeking and for a moment, when I complete a work, there's a moment's stilling of my passions, my feelings and a little depression follows the completion of the work…until...a new adventure challenges.

      Natalie Krol


My entire lifetime has been spent creating artwork and my major claim to fame is being the first artist in the U.S.A. to cast fine art images in the stainless steel medium. In 1981, “Film Strip USA” located in Culver City, CA, was documented as the largest stainless steel sculpture built by a woman at that time.

Fifty - seven of my monumental sized sculptures, are viewed by the public on a daily basis in many different parts of the world. Twelve hundred and fifty original works are in private collections around the world. In Laguna, CA "Pageant of The Masters", reproduced my monumental sized sculpture, “Olympic Rhythms” and was represented by a live person nightly, for ten weeks.

I designed and helped build an entire playground for Handicapped and Emotionally Disturbed Children at the Dubnoff Center in North Hollywood, CA. My designs are constructed from mild steel and concrete and are completed play sculptures. Painted wall murals are part of the design.

“Silver Tornado”, a cast stainless steel bucking bull in Prescott, AZ, is engineered to stand on it’s two front feet only, with no external armature. The sculpture weighs four thousand pounds. It is strong enough to support twenty human bodies at one time. In 1999 I was awarded “1999 Feature Program of The Year” out of seventeen hundred entrants by Prescott’s Community Access Channel for my creation of a thirty minute video demonstrating the phases used during construction of my bucking bull “Silver Tornado”. The bull is bucking on Whipple Street in front of the Yavapai Regional Medical Center.

My lifetime has been spent teaching art classes to children and adults of all ages. Conducting workshops for Art Supervisors from the Los Angeles County School Districts with twenty-two schools in each teacher's district. I created a new teaching method to convey perspective techniques for art education from kinder garden through grades twelve, I also taught sculpting and drawing classes to grades seven through twelve at the Windward School in Los Angeles, CA. Teaching art classes to children aged fourteen to seventeen, who are on probation after serving incarceration sentences, in Prescott, Arizona.


Career Accomplishments

I have placed 57 monumental size outdoor public sculptures of art in the USA and Japan.  

 More than 2,450 of my smaller works, in various media, have been acquired in private collections.



In 1967 I was invited to design a playground for The Dubnoff School for Educationally Handicapped Children, located in N. Hollywood, California.   Creating a whole new area of art expression with my "play sculptures" built from concrete and steel for the children’s specialized needs.

These experiences combined with a year of traveling through Europe encouraged me to devote my life to building outdoor monumental sculptures that other countries have enjoyed for years.

     Quotes from Culver City Officials

“It has been my great pleasure to work with Natalie… her sculpture is breathtaking in it’s originality, meaning and beauty… what truly was impressive to me was that such an artist could deliver such a difficult commission on time and within the agreed cost.”

Richard Alexander, Mayor

“Natalie Krol has an amazing talent for sculpting as well as  for interpreting and creating the meaning of her work and the message it portrays.”

Richard “Dick” Brundo, Councilman


           Selected Commissions


             18400 Von Karman Ave. Irvine, CA

             "Go For The Gold" - bronze casting – ed. 1/18 - 22" x 16" x 9"

             "Ribbon Gymnast" - bronze casting – ed. 5/24 - 29" x 16" x 12"


             149 West Lambert Rd., Brea, CA

             "Butterflies" sand blasted granite, concrete - 78" x 78" x 12"


             200 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, CA 

            "Origami Style Horse”  welded - stainless steel - 84" x 108" x 24"


             555 W. Imperial Hwy., Brea, CA

             "Olympic Rhythms"   - copper repousse’ - 132" x 60" x 108"


             4117 Overland Ave. Culver City, CA 

             "Film Strip U.S.A."  -  welded - stainless steel - 222" x 384" x 192" 


             94O North Main St.  - Salinas, CA -

             "London Bridge"  -  Cast - concrete - 96" x 72" x 36"


             873O Alden Dr., Los Angeles, CA

             "Play Forms"  - wood - 6' x 6' - 6' x 8' - 4' x 5'

             “Wall Murals” - 4 wooden panels - ea. 5' x 10' 


             W. Imperial Hwy. &  Berry St., Brea, CA   

             "Swinging A Child"    - cast -  concrete - 7' x 9' x 2’


             55 Hatakenaka, Kaizuka, Japan

             "Friendships Tie"   -  welded  - stainless steel - 18-1/2' x 13-1/2' x 7'


             1000 North Kraemer Place., Anaheim, CA

             "Million Dollar Men"  -  3 bronze castings  - ea. 13" x 10" x 12" 

1975     WESTWOOD PARK, 1375 Veteran Ave., Los Angeles, CA 

             Arch Rope Climb: Cast concrete 16' x 13' x 8'

             Swinging a Child: Cast concrete 7' x 10-1/2' x 9’

             Back To Back: Cast concrete 9’ x  6'-6" x 3'

             Mother And Gang: Cast concrete 6' x 11' x 10'

             Talking: Cast concrete 3' x 2' x 2-1/2' 

1974    SHERRIE'S PRE-SCHOOL, 2724 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance, CA

             Play Sculpture: Painted steel 12' x 15' x 10'

             Painted Walls: Oil paint – 12 wall murals 

1973     GLENDALE FEDERAL SAVINGS, 3580 Tyler St, Riverside, CA 

             Four To Grow: Welded sheet bronze 13' x 5-1/2' x 7'

1972     ALLSTATE CAR LEASING COMPANY, 10326 W. Olympic Blvd., Westwood, CA 

             People To People: Bronze casting - 4' x 1-1/2' x 1'

1969     GLENDALE FEDERAL SAVINGS, 722 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 

             Serenity: Brass, bronze, stainless steel - 10' x 7' x 1'

1968     DUBNOFF SCHOOL, 10526 Victory Place., N. Hollywood, CA 

             Ring Around The Rosie: Cast concrete 10' x 9' x 7'

             London Bridge: Painted welded steel 8' x 6-1/2' x 4'

             Crows nest: Painted welded steel 15' x 5' x 5'

             Jungle gym/rope climb: Painted welded steel 20' x 14' x 16'

             3 Wall Murals Oil paint 80'

                     Selected Art Exhibits


1989               The Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1972               State Mutual Savings And Loan, Beverly Hills, CA

1969               Equitable Savings And Loan, Beverly Hills, CA

1966               Leon Saulter Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

1965               Sylvia Mesches Gallery, Van Nuys, CA


2016               Sedona Art Center, Sedona, AZ

2013               Ben's Fine Art Gallery, Prescott, AZ

2006 - 8          Krol Gallery, Prescott, Arizona

2004 - 6          Artistic Images Gallery, Prescott, AZ

2002 - 3          Granite Mountain Gallery, Prescott, AZ

2001 - 3          Hopkins Fine Art Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

2002               The Hermon Adams Studio Gallery, Prescott AZ

2000 - 1          Jaren-Krol Gallery, Prescott, AZ

1998 - 00        The Jordan Road Gallery, Sedona, AZ                          

1997               The Phippen Museum, Prescott, AZ

1996               Arizona National Stock Show “cowboy classics”, Phoenix, AZ

1995 - 6          Smith-Krol Gallery, Prescott, AZ

1991 - 4          Prescott Fine Arts Gallery, Prescott, AZ

1990 - 2          Sun West Gallery, Prescott, AZ

1988 - 9          Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1986               The Doolittle Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                       California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA

                       The Contemporary Museum Of Art, Los Angeles, CA

1984               Trans-America Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1983               Los Angeles County Museum Of Art, Los Angeles, CA

1982               Brea Civic Cultural Center, Brea, CA

1981               Los Angeles County Museum of Science And Industry, LA, CA

1980               S.P.A.R.C. Gallery, Venice, CA              

1979               Pasadena Showcase House, Pasadena, CA

1978               National Archives, Washington, D.C.

1977               Pacific Oaks College, Pasadena, CA

                       Serisawa Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1976               California State University, Los Angeles, CA

                       Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA

                       Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA                                                       

1975               Limited Edition Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

                       Jason Gallery, Palos Verde, CA

1974               Los Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles, CA

1973               The Windward School, Santa Monica, CA   

1970               Valley Center Of Arts, Encino, CA

                       The Lovell House, Balboa, CA

                       Saint John’s Hospital, Santa Monica, CA

1969               Los Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles, CA

1968               Westwood Art Association, Los Angeles, CA

                       Los Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles, CA

1967               Leon Saulter Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

1966               Laguna Beach Art Museum, Laguna, CA

                       Barnsdall Park Museum, Los Angeles, CA

                       Wilshire First Methodist Church, Los Angeles, CA

                       Los Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles, CA

1964 -5           Elson-Robyns Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

                       International Art Festival, Century City, CA

                       Wilshire First Methodist Church, Los Angeles, CA                                                                               

                       Raymond Burr Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA 


               Hard Cover Books

2001 - Art Treasures and Museums in and around Prescott  

              Marguerite M. Aronowitz,   Prescott, AZ  

1999 - Dictionary of International Biography (Twenty Seventh Edition)

             Cambridge,  England 

1992 - Culver City: The Heart of Screenland  

             Julie Lugo Cerra, Chattsworth, CA 

1990 - Guest Informant - Orange County, CA     


     Magazines and Journals

2004 - Phoenix Magazine - Phoenix, AZ 

1997 - Prescott: A Pictorial History - Prescott, AZ 

1996 - Arizona Highways - Phoenix, AZ

1996 - "We call It Preskit" - J.L. August Jr.- Phoenix, AZ 

1990 - Modern Casting - Des Plaines, IL 

1989 - Art In Public Places - Brea, CA 

1989 - JOM (Journal of Minerals Metals and Materials Society) Warrendale, PA 

1989 - Art Scene Magazine - Los Angeles, CA 

1989 - The Artist's Magazine - Cincinnati, OH 

1988 - Festival of Arts & Pageant of the Masters - Laguna, CA

1988 - Carnegie Art Museum - Oxnard, CA 

1988 - The Design Guide II - Los Angeles, CA 

1987 - Westways Magazine - Sacramento, CA 

1986 - Art In Public Places - Brea, CA 

1986 - Angeles Steel Services - Santa Fe, CA 

1985 - As I See Myself  - California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA 

1982 - AT&T Telephone Book Covers - Beverly Hills, Culver City, Western Area, L.A., CA

1982 - Sunset Magazine - Menlo Park, CA 

1980 - Culver City Business Directory Cover - Culver City, CA 

1976 - Sunset Magazine - Menlo Park, CA